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    RE: New waste material

    Hi Mr. Sina Lotfollahi, Are you referring to recyclable materials? Unfortunately, I know more about english than any other language, so I am not familiar with the text shared on the website. But there are recycleable materials such as glass, plastic, cans, and vehicle tires that have been reused to ...

  • Dear Zaheer, it is curious, but we are adding shredded PET and PVC in our lab, and we improve other properties rather than compressive strength. It changes material toughness and permeability. At the same time, the compressive strength is not severely reduced if you use the proper amount of waste material. ...

  • I don't think you should add some waste in concrete structure because it will decrease its strength. It is better you add waste plastic in bituminous road. ------------------------------ Zaheer Manzoor R.Eng, S.M.ASCE Student Nanded MH ------------------------------

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    New waste material

    I want to prepare a list of new waste materials it's so important if anyone introduces new ones that I can use in some construction concrete. Thank you ------------------------------ Sina Lotfollahi S.M.ASCE civil engineer Tehran ------------------------------

  • Pump selection (for new or replacement) requires the engineer to calculate the "system curve" - the relationship between flow and head (both friction and static) imposed by the piping network and the source and destination tanks.  The engineer must then review manufacturer "pump curves" - which describe ...

  • The way I have done such is write specification and get 3 separate vendor replies and make decisions. Best I can do with about you stated. ------------------------------ www.gasturbineandersen.com Len Andersen at Gas Turbine events with three patents Construction Project Manager Water Swirled Gas Turbine ...

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