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  • This isn't a complete rollback.  Resources will not be depleted.  Consider the societal impacts of unreasonable and burdensome compliance.  We don't have limitless funds available. Just because many people think something is beneficial for the environment doesn't necessarily mean it is essential.  It ...

  • I am concerned for our environmental sector because of the lack of restrictions for environmental protection and enhancements. I recently started reading a book and in the near future, we will find it difficult to restore land and water on levels that are depleted. Vegetables grow on fertile soil and ...

  • If we truly accept and use sustainable design and sustainable industry practices, we would enhance the earth's ecosystems, and at the same time, improving the quality of life of the entire earth's population.  However, greed for money and power are the mantra today both on the left and on the right.  ...

  • I'm curious how others see the implications of a less restrictive process? While it appears good for business, and civil engineers by association, do you see any unintended consequences? Alternatively, how do think a less restrictive process will impact the environmental and societal impacts that the ...

  • Thanks Michael:  I tried to thank you previously but something went wrong.  Much appreciated! ------------------------------ Gina Beim P.E., M.ASCE gina.beim@gmail.com[EmailAddress ------------------------------

  • thanks ------------------------------ Gina Beim P.E., M.ASCE gina.beim@gmail.com[EmailAddress ------------------------------

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  • A new bridge has been completed in record time to replace the Morandi Bridge that collapsed two years ago in Genoa, Italy, ki -More -
  • Work is 38% done on the UK's massive Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant after four years of construction. -More -

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