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  • Have you tried Diatomaceous earth?  It is commonly used for crawling insects and should not harm your water quality. ------------------------------ Hall Charles EIT, A.M.ASCE civil eit / designer Renton WA ------------------------------

  • Hi Dr. Dilip. Thank you for your responces and recommendations! ------------------------------ Ebissa Gadissa S.M.ASCE PhD Scholar Addis Ababa ------------------------------

  • There have been many discussions in the ASCE Collaborate forum on various aspects of Warming Climate. At least two recent ones are: Climate Change and Causes (July 2018); and Empirical Data on Global Warming and CO2 (July 2020). You may consider revisiting them to see if they meet your queries. ...

  • Remember the situation happened on the globe [shortage of food and water] due to climate change on water resources. There is a high gap between supply and demand. What are the main manmade causes for climate change? If we know the causes, how we can control the effect of climate change on water resources? ...

  • Hi Roger, thanks for your recommendation, I'll give it a try for sure. Thank you and happy 2022! ------------------------------ Abtin Shahrokh Hamedani Ph.D., A.M.ASCE San Antonio TX ------------------------------

  • Hi Hadi, Thanks for your response. We have been monitoring the outflow for 2 years and multiple factors can cause changes in the outflow including aging, plants cycles, clogging and ... so we can not be sure of the sole impact of fire ants in this cell. The filter media is sandy loam with mulch on top. ...

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