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  • A recent paper (see reference below and attachment) assessed the differences between the Neill, Blench, and Lacey regime equations for predicting scour. The paper looked at the differences between the equations as reported in USBR and NRCS design manuals and the equations as originally documented. Following ...

  • I  am very much interested in attending the webinar. Please send me details.​ ------------------------------ Ziaul Haider Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE Senior Geotechnical Engineer Somerset NJ ------------------------------

  • Still waiting for the call-in information, Mark. ------------------------------ Lawrence Magura P.E., D.WRE(Ret.), F.ASCE OWNER Lake Oswego OR ------------------------------

  • Can you please provide a link to easily sign up? Thank you, ------------------------------ Mary Bourgoyne P.E., M.ASCE Director of Ports, Engineer 6 Denham Springs LA ------------------------------

  • Thought of adding further to this topic - this time, primarily focusing on the rationale behind flood barrier projects such as the MOSE. The concept of flood barriers had been a tool for engineers, for a long time, to isolate areas from high-stage waterways - by dikes and sluice flap gates. A sluice ...

  • I am sure many of you have noticed the news of the tidal flooding of Venice in the past few days - I have selected two images published by BBC to show the misery of Venetians. Such news from the low lying and sinking Venice are not new. The opening of the MOSE flood barrier project on the Venice lagoon ...

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