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  • ​Karen, Working for a public agency I did not see a raise nor would I see RFPs or RFQs.  The D.WRE certification, while fairly recent for me, has helped provide some "street creed" so to speak.  I deal with a lot of people of all sorts, property owners, contractors, Engineers, elected officials, ...

  • Hi Robert,  Thanks for the input. I have been considering applying, so your feed back is very helpul. -Ron ------------------------------ Ronald Burns P.E., M.ASCE Principal Engineer Brookline MA ------------------------------

  • I have received both a raise at my current firm and two unsolicited proposals due to being a Diplomate in Navigation Engineering. Well worth my time and effort! ------------------------------ Robert Wagner P.E., D.NE, M.ASCE Senior Dredging Engineer Amec Foster Wheeler Jacksonville FL ------------------------------

  • Hey folks, I need some help. I am writing a short article for an ASCE committee and wanted some anecdotal stories as how being Board Certified may have helped you. Did you get a raise when you became a Diplomate? Has it helped you get a job? Have you seen RFQ's or RFP's looking for that qualification? ...

  • Can someone suggest me Crack Theories which can help me in studying development of Crack pattern in Reinforced Concrete Beams under different static load conditions

  • ​This is precisely the path I pursued originally in my career.  There will always be a great need for professional environmental engineers.  And, it will allow you to branch out into the entire Civil Engineering field in the future, if that becomes appealing to you.  I strongly suggest that you design ...

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