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  • Financial health and welfare of people is a great term to identify the possible economic impact of a project, thanks! ------------------------------ Chad Morrison P.E., M.ASCE Professional Engineer Greenville RI (401)231-4870 EXT 2207 ------------------------------

  • Sir or Madam,           I would like a step procedure for a hydrogen storage tank design. Where can I find resources for the latest techniques in design? Thank you! ------------------------------ Ashwin Rajesh S.M.ASCE India ------------------------------

  • Some sewage systems are subject to infiltration during rain events.  Make sure your inflow data takes due account of this. ------------------------------ James Anderson, MASCE Principal Anderson Consulting North Richland Hills, TX 817-946-9943 James ------------------------------

  • We are in arid zone we have separate collection system (i-e storm water drain separate and sanitary sewer separate). In Ten State Standards it is mentioned that wet well (sump) to be designed on average flow condition. See attached.  ------------------------------ Syed Alvi M.ASCE junior engineer Techno ...

  • You will have the hourly or daily peak but as was mentioned previously there will likely be a wet weather induced peak flow that you can determine using a peaking factor. Here in Ohio we generally use the Ten State Standards per local  guidelines. The Ten State Standards provides this figure and formula ...

  • Thanks for your response. In standard (which I am following) we have a statement "The effective volume of the wet well shall be based on the design average flow." Mean for designing the volume we have to use design average flow. If we think logically, we have peak flow once on an hour remaining we have ...

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