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  • Hi Jeannine -  In answer to your questions, yes there are design criteria for rain gardens for engineers to use, and these are typically provided by State or County regulatory agencies.  Many practitioners use the terms rain garden and bioretention interchangeably, but the rain garden is an outgrowth ...

  • Jeannie, I am so glad I ran across this message. ASCE thru EWRI are the international experts in rain gardens! We host THE INTERNATIONAL conference on rain gardens and green infrastructure on an approximate 18 month schedule. It is attended by landscape architects other disciplines and contains ...

  • Hi All, We are planning to include an activity about rain gardens in the new Sustainability module for Civil Engineering Clubs. There's a great deal of information about how home owners can plan and locate rain gardens. Is there any specific information about how civil engineers would locate and ...

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    RE: CLIMATE Change

    Just to note Harvey's referenced report.  No group ever is non-partisan.  Any group with the word "Lobby" in their name has a political agenda. That being said, I agree with most of what Harvey says.  As engineers, we have responsibility for efficient use of our limited resources.  When efficient, ...

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  • See  http://www.ipcc.ch/publications_and_data/publications_and_data_reports.shtml ------------------------------ Dov Rosen P.E., M.ASCE Sergiu Dov Rosen Sea Shore Rosen Engineering Consultants Haifa ------------------------------

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  • ​ Uncertainty in the amount of climate change caused by fossil fuel usage should motivate action; it should not be used as an excuse for inaction. Civil engineers are called upon to protect lives and property.  Therefore, civil engineers should work to identify and support the most cost effective means ...

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